We pay tribute to the healing power of nature!

Therapeutic mud compresses

It is recommended to treat patients with healing rheumatic patients who are in need of healing medicinal mud compresses our product.

The Therapeutic mud compress medicinal product presented in this leaflet can be ordered on the following contact details

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Tel: +36 70 384 63 90

Records relating to the use of sludge for medical and beauty use come back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.
The anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, wound healing effects of sludge have since been known.
Mud packing is good for the skin, it is detoxified, revitalized, and it can also relieve inflammation of the joints.
The curing sludge can be particularly beneficial in the treatment of inflammatory, acne-like skin and in the skin’s tranquility.

It is recommended to treat the joint pain with warm compresses and wraps.
Mud packing not only has good effect on our skin, but it also attenuates inflammation and pain.
The analgesic, anti-inflammatory and activating effect of sludge is proven by scientific research. In addition, sludge helps to harmonize the entire body. Sludge is also becoming popular in cosmetics.

Most important positive property

It has anti-inflammatory, vitalizing effect and is equally applicable to all skin types, giving the skin a healthy, bold look.
Renews skin’s natural protective layer.

What do we offer you?

The Therapeutic mud compresses that can provide everything that is described on the previous page. We have manufactured compress mud for more than two decades, we are also the exclusive manufacturers and distributors.
The following benefits to the Therapeutic Mud Compres

  • Simultaneous, cleaner, faster, structure and size of conventional sludge treatment can be simply and quickly warmed up to the required 42-44 degrees Celsius (for example, in a sink, microwave oven).
  • The closed structure and the enclosed foil ensure the dunst effect, after-treatment showering becomes unnecessary,
  • one piece of compression can be used in the same patient for 8 to 10 times, • Since our companies are the exclusive producers and distributors of compressors, we can ship directly to the customer when ordering,
  • Treatment with Therapeutic mud compresses does not require any investment !!! No bath, bathroom, cooking kettle, and no cleaning or disinfection.

The therapeutic effect of the Therapeutic mud compresses is also recommended by the rheumatologist who is practicing in this book!

Referrals by Chief Doctors

“The healing mud compresses a therapeutic drug for the additional cure of rheumatoid arthritis, in addition to traditional treatment. I have been using it for more than a decade – we apply it in our class to the full satisfaction of the patients. Healing with the Therapeutic Sludge does not require any financial expense, only the compression needed for treatment is to be purchased. We usually use one compressor for 10 times in the same patient. Compression is clean, free from infection and painless. According to our experience, after 6-7 treatments, the patient’s condition improves, his pain decreases or disappears. Based on my medical experience, I suggest using the Therapeutic Mud Compress.”

Visegrád 2018.04.21
Dr. Hegedűs Béla
Chief Medical Officer
rheumatologist, physiotherapist
Visegrad Hospital


“The Therapeutic mud compresses medicinal product for the supplementary treatment of rheumatic diseases has been applied for more than two decades in Cserkeszőlős Spa. Because of the healing effect of the Therapeutic mud compresses- it is an excellent complement to traditional treatment. It is extremely economical as a compress can usually be used for 10 treatments. Patients seek and quit. Its handling is simple, clean and does not require any investment.
Based on our very positive experiences, we know the healing effect of the Therapeutic mud compresses – we offer it with respect to hospitals, clinics and spa therapists.”

Cserkeszőlő, 2018.04.23
Dr. Katalin Nádas
rheumatologist chief physician
Cserkeszőlői Spa